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    KA2PFL & N2GUU'S Photo Page 1

    The "Shack" And N2GUU
    Another View Of The Shack

    The "OSCAR" Array,KLM 22C & 40CX. A Down East 1.2 GHZ is in the center
    Ground Bus and PolyPhaser Lightning Protection

    KA2PFL Replacing Dualband Ant At Top Of tower After Lightning Vaporized The Old One!
    60 Foot Morrison Tower at our QTH

    Tower At WaterFord Works N.J. where KA2PFL Repeater System is located.
    This is the view down the tower where my Repeater Antennas are located.

    These 3, 6 foot cabinets house the KA2PFL Repeater System. And Oh,that is Meg, N2GUU in the background
    This is the Motorola TAC Voter system and Satellite Receivers, and Meg.

    This is the Motorola Micor 442.300 Repeater. Input +5 MHz, PL is 131.8
    This is the Motorola Micor 6 Meter Repeater. The Output is 52.60, Input is 52.84, with a PL of 131.8. Both systems Are Linked together.

    These are the 6,6 Meter Cavity's for the Co-Located 6 meter Receiver. The Voter also Selects other 6 Meter Receivers around the State. ( I had A Real FUN time Tuning them with the input and output Frequencies so close together, Many Hams said it was an Impossible task!) Each Cavity is over 5 Feet tall!!!
    This is the "Shack O Sea" on our 30 Foot Clipper Sailboat. An Icom 730 for HF And Kenwood Dual Bander for 2 Meters & 70 CM.

    The Galley In Our Sailboat, (Ham's gotta EAT to!,LoL)
    The Forward V Berth, (Ham's Gotta Sleep Too!) We Both like to anchor our boat in the Bay and Work HF on the lower bands. It is amazing how much less noise there is on 75 and 40, when you are WAY out on the Water away from the power lines and Civilization!

    The Dining area. ( Ham's Gotta have a Table to fill out QSL Cards, Right?) Oops, There is Meg, N2GUU "hanging out"
    The Entire BackStay of the Sailboat, (the wire you see going from the back of the Stern, going up to the Mast) is used as the HF Antenna. There is a VERY expensive insulator at the top that can endure the stress of holding the Mast up, And Handle my 100 Watts of RF and not arc over!

    Another Photo of "Starrider" and Meg. If you haven't noticed She is a "Real Ham", N2GUU, No not that KIND of Ham. She just HAD to be in almost every Photo, Lol Hi Hi !
    This is The "Shack O Air". A Kenwood Dual Band HT.

    This is The Aviation Band Radio, Mounted to a strut like the Ham Radio.
    This is the Instrument Cluster. The Box above the Chicken Band,(ugh) Radio, is the Communications Interface box. I was Amazed most Ultralight Pilots used a CB to communicate with each other, So I had to install the silly thing (at least it has a weather radio receiver and alarm built in), 1 small step for Man, 1 giant leap, BACKWARDS for a HAM, LOL, Hi! Hi!

    A better Photo of the Communications Interface Box. This unit is made by Commtronics Inc. and was designed for 1 radio and intercom between Pilot And CoPilot. I modified it for 3 radio's with a PTT selector for each, and audio Mixing so I can hear audio from each radio at the same time (what a headache, pass the Excedrin, Please). I also added a Switch so the Copilot can Talk on the radio's too.
    The Little Silver Device is a Creative Labs Nomad 2 MG, MP3 Player (Ham's need Tune's too). It holds 64 mb inside and has a smart media slot, which I plugged a 64 mb card in. So this equals out to 2 hours of CD Quality music,(It is darn hard to change CD's while Flying, LoL). And this Interfaces to the Comm Box too! So Read, FOUR audio inputs, I feel like a DJ up There, in the AIR!

    This is a Powered Parachute, PPC for short. This is our "AirBorn" Shack. With Only 5 Watts we can talk for 100 Miles Simplex! Sometimes we cause a pileup on 146.520.
    The AirBorn Antenna farm. Starting from the left Dual Band Ham, Aviation, Chicken Band.

    Another Shot of the PPC. PPC's were Featured in the James Bond Movie "The World Is Not Enough" They called them Parahawks in the Movie and featured Ski's Instead of wheels.
    N2GUU & KA2PFL, Flying near Atlantic City. You can see our headphones and noise canceling mic's. We LOVE Flying the MOST of any hobby, and with HAM Radio in the mix, It really cannot get much better, life IS Good! If you want to learn more about PPC's, Please Click the link for "Lou & Meg's PPC Page"

    Aerial shot of our "aerial".....LoL The Huge Concrete block to the left is 1 of 3 Main guy wire supports for the Original Tuckerton Wireless. It now supports 1 end of my dual sloper antenna! (Gee I hope my Antenna does not rip the block out of the ground,LoL)
    Our QTH from the AIR, PPC's are the perfect platform to take Photo's, no cockpit to get in the way!

    An Aerial view of the Tuckerton Wireless in it's heyday. The guy Anchor at the bottom of the photo is the one next to our home. Of course Mystic Islands was not developed yet. The Lagoons were yet to be dug, the street's to be paved.
    Another photo of the Tuckerton wireless, Our home sits next to the left Guy Anchor.

    Hey! What is that guy doing with that torch? Didn't anyone tell him towers and torches don't mix?
    End Result; torches and towers don't mix! The Tuckerton Wireless Tower was dismantled on December 27, 1955 for the creation of a development called Mystic Islands. If you want to learn more about the history of the Tuckerton Wireless Click the link on my links page.

    Under Construction! Please Check Back Often! And Please don't forget to sign the guest Book on our Main page, We love to read and respond to YOUR messages, 73's KA2PFL,Lou & N2GUU, Meg.